Très Bien: Lupin Becomes Hit with French Club


Anna Gonzales

On October 26, French Club decided to check out the very popular French-based show on Netflix, Lupin.

“The kids chose it, and it’s a popular show on Netflix that many of us have gotten sucked into,” said French teacher Mrs. Wichern.

The show Lupin, is a story about Assane Diop’s goal to get revenge on the Pellegrini family, who unfairly sent his father to prison leading to his inevitable death. Assane bases his thievery off of the well-known thief, Arsène Lupin. He goes on to pull off many heists, slowly pulling in the watcher with his astonishing getaways.

“I keep thinking that like ‘Okay he’s definitely, like he’s caught this time, like it’s over, there is no getting out of this, and then there’s another turn, and he’s always like one step ahead,” said Wichern.

When Assane pulls off his genius stunts while getting away just by a hair, he also gains the viewers attention.

“I really enjoyed how at first you thought Assane didn’t get away with the heist, but towards the end it was a success. It felt like it left me on the edge of my seat,” said French student Amy Pham.

With the amazing plot and intriguing characters, it’s hard to not get absorbed into the show. 

“Oh I’m sucked in,” Mrs. Wichern said. “I’m somewhat into season two right now.”

If you have any free time and want a show to pick up, Lupin might be something you want to add onto your watchlist.

“I would say if you like shows that are quite suspenseful and get you thinking, I would say that you should definitely watch it,” Pham said.