Fallin’ For Music: An Album Recommendation


As we dive deeper into the autumn season, those who indulge in the ‘fall aesthetic’ may be craving good music to dive into. If that sounds like you, then Hollywood Town Hall by The Jayhawks should be next on your queue. 

The album incorporates Alternative Country and Rock elements, yet blends both beautifully to solidify a unique sound, and palpable fall atmosphere that soothes the soul. As someone who generally dislikes country music, I truly believe that writers Mark Olson and Gary Louris have found the perfect amount of country in their sound. Additionally, Olson and Louris’ harmonies add an extra layer to the beauty beyond the musicianship and songwriting. 

The wail of Louris’ harmonica is pastiche to Neil Young’s, of whom they’ve drawn plenty of inspiration. 

Just the album cover alone, which features the band on a couch outside, surrounded by snow, builds on the atmosphere before you even click play. 

If this sounds appealing to you, then put on your best headphones, make a cup of tea, curl up in a warm blanket and click play.