Wolves Striving for Success: Girls Volleyball Aims for State Title


With a 19-4 record, girls volleyball finished their regular season one on a high note, finishing 2nd in the 5A Centennial League being only behind one game of league champions Cherry Creek.

“We definitely performed at a higher level,” said head coach Mr. Graham.

Graham’s not the only one who thinks the volleyball team is performing exceptionally well. Fans have been praising the team’s performance too.

“They have done really good,” said freshman pom Jane Linder.

These next few weeks of tournament play will definitely push the team and could affect their positioning for state playoffs. Everyone can agree that it will be exciting to see where they will go next.

“I mean of course I’m so excited, we are one of the top teams in the state,” said sophomore Peyton Belcher. “I couldn’t be more proud.”

Although ‘practice makes perfect,’ practicing plays is not the only thing that will help the team win. School spirit also plays a role in performance.

“School spirit has been amazing and it’s helped our team so much,” said Belcher. “A lot of our energy comes from the stands,” said Belcher.

It’s not only the players who have recognized the huge support from the school.

“My first couple years here, we were lucky if we got fans and now we get fans every night and at almost all home games,” said Graham. “It helps a ton, and I know it does because the girls are like ‘fans are here’ and they get all excited.”

The chances of a state championship are good, but never guaranteed. With new varsity members recently added from junior varsity, the team will have to adjust to playing with different players quickly.

“I think for the rest of the season everything will start to click and we will only be getting better from here,” said Belcher. “We will have to work really hard these next two weeks, but I think it’s possible.”

Coach Graham is also optimistic about winning state as well, especially since the team placed as state runner-up last season. Despite the optimism, there are certain factors that change a teams’ chances of winning.

“You have to get some lucky breaks. You have to remain injury free. You have to be playing your best ball at all the right times,” said Graham. “If all three of those things happen, we have a chance at winning a state title.”  

“I am very confident in this team.”