Suing with Entitlement [OPINION]


Strawberry Pop-Tarts. The classic American treat first introduced in 1964 has come into the public light once more involving a dissatisfied New York resident, a class-action lawsuit, and $5 million in damages. 

The suit filed Oct. 19th claimed that Kellogg’s had falsely advertised the pastry’s contents to consumers. It claims that Kellogg’s is attempting to undermine its consumers through giving them the false impression of there being more strawberries than actually are. 

The plaintiff of the lawsuit bought the pastries wanting more of a distinct strawberry flavor, yet the product failed to live up to her standards, so that is the  course of action she chose to take? 

A class-action lawsuit. Makes complete sense. 

We’ve seen this before. From the recent travesty over Subway’s tuna, to Starbucks being attacked over the astronomical amount of ice in their drinks, and who could forget the ever-famous multi-million dollar suit over the king of fast food, McDonalds.

The firm which the Pop-Tarts suit has been filed through files one to two suits against big food companies per week.

 Per. Week. 

We’re truly living up the American stereotype, aren’t we.

In one of the most developed countries in the world, we can have food delivered virtually anywhere with one click of an app. We have grocery stores stacked with over 39,000 different items just blocks from most homes. 

Our country has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, with a life expectancy for most that will see them well into their late 70s. 

We have running water. We have electricity. We have education. We have public transportation. We have access to healthcare. We have a stable government. We have freedom.

We have things that some could only dream of. 

We have opportunities that many people uproot their entire livelihood from other countries in search of. 

We have. We have. We have. 

The list goes on and on, yet there are those who can only see the negatives. 

We don’t have this, we don’t have that, and in a country where we are so fortunate, some still can’t move past some Strawberry Pop-Tarts.