Freaky Friday: The Upcoming Play


Months of work and effort from is put into plays, but most people don’t really see what goes on behind the curtain.

“People don’t realize that there are probably two or three times as many people that work behind the scenes as there are on stage,” theatre department advisor Mrs. Lindahl said.

Most people don’t know that there are more than just the actors on stage. There is a huge amount of students who are working behind the scenes to build the sets, run the lights, build props, and work on the sounds.

“Nobody knows how much time they put in,” Mrs. Lindahl said.

The work that the students put into creating the play takes tons of  time and effort. They work together to eventually create a play that is there to benefit the whole school. This factor can even take part into the choice of this year’s fall play, Freaky Friday.

Freaky Friday is a really fun, uplifting, heartwarming musical and I feel like that’s something that we need right now after the last year and a half that we’ve had with Covid and not being able to be together,” Mrs. Lindahl said.

Even down to the choice of play, the students are just trying to uplift the school.

“There’s no dull moments in this show, it’s just energy the entire time,” lead actor, Sofia Dotson said.

With about 14 sets to build and only a couple of months to do so, the crew works tirelessly to create this entertaining show.

“We’re all ready to be back at school so it’s really fun to see everyone get going this year,” tech theatre advisor Mr. Ely said.

A large amount of work is put into understanding the characters. The actors spend a lot of time just trying to put themselves in the shoes of the characters to make the play as relatable as possible to the audience.

“I think the most important thing is learning empathy and getting to put yourself in other characters’ shoes,” said Dotson.

 The crew looks for inspiration in the school. They use things like the hallways, classrooms, and the gyms to get inspiration for the set design.

“Designers are going around and looking in the hallways and figuring out what does this look like? How does our hallways look? Is this the kind of school that we’re putting on to stage? So it’s kind of cool that way,” Mr. Ely said.

Although most people think that the process is set in stone and very simple, the process takes a lot of passion from the students.

“Everybody’s really excited,” Mr Ely said. “I even have my seniors saying, ‘Oh my gosh I’ve never seen a crew that’s this excited to get moving and to get to building stuff’”.

With all of the excitement among the crew, the cast is excited to show their rendition of Freaky Friday on November 18th.  As the production comes to a close, the crew will look back on their work with reminiscing eyes.

“I’d say the hardest part is saying goodbye to a show that’s so close to your heart. You’ll never be in the same show with the same people. It’s just really hard letting it go” said Sophia Dotson.