Is Hispanic Heritage Month Really That Important?


Hispanic Heritage Month is a time period in America dedicated to recognizing and appreciating people of Hispanic culture. Surprisingly, it is hardly recognized by the Hispanic community.

“Every Hispanic I know never does [celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month],” said Esmeralda Mendez-Sanchez, a Mexican-American student. “I didn’t even hear about it until last year.”

Esmeralda isn’t the only Hispanic student who feels this way.

“I don’t really feel anything towards it because it’s not really talked about,” sophomore Aiva Dewett said.

Freshman Isla Aragonez also had similar feelings towards the month. 

“I personally didn’t know that it existed until a few months ago,” said Isla Aragonez. “I thought it was kind of stupid.”

Students at Grandview don’t think that Hispanic Heritage Month fully supports the Hispanic community as well.

“I still feel out of place,” said Mendez-Sanchez.

Dewett agrees.

“I just feel like Hispanics are not as talked about as other cultures because other cultures have been through worse,” said Dewett.

This month is intended to be meaningful, but students in the Hispanic community don’t seem to think there is anything much meaning behind it.

“They [the United States] kind of point us out in a way we don’t like to be pointed out, it’s so unnecessary,” said Aragonez.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm regarding Hispanic Heritage Month, some have developed an appreciation for it.

“I would say it’s pretty cool that we are being celebrated,” said Mendez-Sanchez.

Not celebrating during Hispanic Heritage Month does not necessarily mean that being Hispanic doesn’t mean anything to the Hispanic community at Grandview.

“I just think it’s cool to have some sort of cultural background even if it’s not very important,” says Dewett. “It’s nice to know that you belong somewhere.”