Rediscovery of Self by Fashion


2020 was an interesting year. It gave us a memory to look back on. Not only for what happened, but who we were and how we changed. 

Now in 2021 people found ways to express themselves and one of those ways was through fashion. 

Senior Lilly Munoz at Grandview High School and she is known for her eye-catching style and bold looks. If you see her in a vintage outfit you’ll know it’s her, even from afar. 

She describes her style as multiple styles, but mainly vintage. If you see her walking down the hallways you’ll notice her multiple aesthetics and how she contrasts her colors to put everything together. 

To Munoz, fashion is a way of self-expression and using different looks to express yourself outwards.

“It’s a way to express how you feel on the outside,” said Lilly, Fashion doesn’t make you different from everybody else, but it’s fun. “

 If Munoz could combine her different aesthetics with her style, she would say it would be like time travel. She takes different decades like the 70s, 80s, and 90s and adds her own twist to it.

 Munoz isn’t the only one who’s been fashionable lately either. Some even see it as a means to show artistic features.

“It’s a means of art and expression of your mood and desires through clothing and styles,” said senior Namcha Erdenebayar. 

Her ideas on fashion are how she’s able to be, expressing herself in an artistic way and how it’ll continue to flow with her throughout life.

“Fashion is an essential part of my life that will only continue to develop as I get older. No matter how tired or lazy I feel, I will always find an excuse to dress up, said Munoz.

Juniors Megan Merriman and Ciara Kuhn both are known for their trippy style. Their color scheme has multiple colors that they incorporate in their style that has a hipster vibe to it. 

“My aesthetic is really chaotic and I base it on how feel.” said Megan Merriman.

Merriman and Kuhn both talked about how they wanted to dress for themselves. Ever since quarantine started they both became secure in themselves and their styles. 

“I feel like people can wear what they want and go against societal norms. That’s why I like the newer stuff,” said Merriman.

Both Merriaman and Kuhn love to use their styles to prove a point to others and even go against people and their personal “social norms”. 

“I feel like I kind of care about what other people think, but I always wear what I want to wear. I like it when I make people mad because I’m going to do it more,” said Kuhn. 

Not only becoming more secure in themselves, but sharing their views on fashion as a whole view. Fashion should be about confidence and being able to express yourself as a whole person. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, but at the end of the day it all comes down to you and being yourself.