Time Melting Away [OPINION]


Alexia Salazar, Writer

4:00 am, always staying up late with no remorse for tomorrow, living in the moment, laying in bed staring at the ceiling imagining everything and anything possible. 

I’m so tired but my eyes won’t close, they start to burn. It feels like a scream that can’t be let out no matter how hard you try. Everyday is like a broken record, stuck on repeat over and over again as the same part of the song plays constantly

My alarm goes off abruptly, the clock strikes 8:00.

I wake up early in the morning with little to no sleep and getting ready to start the day. 

Opening my computer, logging on and joining the meeting. Questions get thrown at me left and right as I struggle to do my work, it’s swallowing me whole with no mercy.

Assignment on assignment builds up as “due at 11:59” displays on my computer taunting me. There’s no motivation to do the work so why would I? 

Join another meeting, do another assignment, sit in bed all day until it’s time to log off. Time is slipping away from me as I waste all my days sitting behind a screen.

I wish I could go back.

Waking up early on a Sunday afternoon just to eat your favorite cereal while you watch morning cartoons, not a worry in the world other than debating on what eventful activity you’re going to do that day

The sun starts to set and night falls upon us. I hop online to check my messages once again, unpause my show, and talk to anyone I can over social media. 

Smiling vigorously, I’m finally pleased. An escape from reality, having no worries and living stress free, on the internet. Online friends being better than your real ones, their messages start to feel like warm hugs as you spend your whole night enjoying your free time. I start to drift off to sleep, eyes feeling heavy, my body calms and goes limp as I fall asleep.

Waking up tired and drowsy to my alarm ringing in my ear like I didn’t learn my lesson the night prior.

Time melting away like a candle after staying lit for several hours, burning non stop.