Teaching in the Pandemic: Q&A w/ Teachers


Yuichi Hunter, Writer

While Covid-19 has hit students pretty badly, our teachers have also been dealing with the pandemic too as they’re still adjusting to very surreal teaching methods. We talked to three English teachers to see how they are holding up during these rough times. 

First up is Mr. Eggleston. He teaches CP English and Honors 10.

Q: How has remote learning been for you this year?

A: Teaching online hasn’t been very difficult for me. It’s mostly been a process of determining what is essential to teach in person and what students should be able to learn independently. The only stressful part of it is trying to see the big picture of what students should be learning over the course of a week and making sure that it’s accessible and manageable.

The next teacher is Honors 10, AP Language and AVID teacher, Mrs. Russo.

Q: How has remote learning been for you?

A: Online teaching has been ok– the main thing that I do not like is that I really do not get to see my students very much.  We do not have much class time, and when we do, it goes by so quickly without me really seeing their faces or hearing their voices. 

Q: What is your opinion on full remote learning? How does it affect you?

A: I do not really like remote learning because of the lack of connection I have with the kids, but it is very nice to see my family so much.  I have an 8-year-old and 10-year-old, and my older daughter was struggling a little with the popularity thing at school, so being home has been really nice for her, I think.  She is back to being herself!  My little one is a homebody anyway!

Now lastly, Mrs. Svalberg. She teaches CP English 9, Honors 10 and 12th grade Writing.

Q: How is teaching online learning for you? Has it been stressful? 

A: Online teaching is okay. I am not fond of the fact that it is more difficult to connect with students. It is the right thing to do to keep students safe, but I would say it is much more stressful. 

Q: Have you had any problems with Microsoft Teams? Were there any issues during meetings?

A: I haven’t had any problems with Teams, personally. I’m actually kind of a Microsoft power user in the sense that I prefer Microsoft products over Google because of what they offer in their software. I just wish scheduling recurring meetings was a little easier.