‘Tis the Season to be Hungry


Jada Cousin, Writer

With the holidays approaching so quickly, it is hard to decide what one would want to cook and bake for those events. With that being said, many people have already decided what they would prepare for this festive season. 

“My family made a whole list of people who will bring what to my grandparents house to eat for the holidays,” said sophomore Duyen Vu.

Her family seems to be more open when it comes to what they are eating for.

“My family eats whatever we feel like that year. No special recipes,” said Vu. ” We just make whatever sounds good and eat it later.”

Festive treats are a major part of the holiday season. Many families have already picked out what they’re having this year.

“I really like the peppermint Ghirardelli squares and root beer float,” said sophomore, Gigi Lukenhaus.

“I really like ice cream,” said Vu. ” It can just be plain as long as its ice cream its good for me.”

With that being said, some families have recipes or foods that are very important to them.  

“We make these cookies that are named alfajores because since my parents are from Argentina it’s a tradition,” said sophomore, Valeria Garcia Ferreyra.

“We make chocolate bonbons; it was my mom’s grandma’s recipe,” said Lukenhaus.

As we get ready for the holidays make sure you stay safe and don’t forget to have a good time with your loved ones.