Family: Long, Look, and Miss


Katie Fisher, Writer

A few days after Thanksgiving. By this time, the turkeys have been eaten, and the stuffing has been consumed. The mass population turns their eyes from turkeys to trees; from Thanksgiving to Christmas. 


I am among one of the many people that thanksgiving usually signifies the beginning of the mad rush towards the holidays. The endless stream of school finals, break, food, and – most importantly for me – relatives.


Relatives are the main focus for my family during the holidays. I have been greatly blessed to have all of my family live within close proximity, in the same state, and most importantly during these times, in great health.


I will forever be grateful for the overwhelming love, support, and kindness that my family has shown me over the years.


But, during this past day, where my immediate family of 4 stayed home and enjoyed a nice meal, I could not help but stop and feel as though something was missing.


I couldn’t help looking at the empty chairs parked along the dining room wall which usually would have been filled.


I couldn’t help but look out the window in the longing search of a familiar car whenever my dog barked. 


I couldn’t help searching for the missing laughter of my grandparents, the joy of my aunt and uncle, or the screams and cries coming from my cousins as they ran down our long hallway and out into the backyard.


I couldn’t help but look, long, and miss. 


And as Christmas is fast approaching, and the numbers of cases keep climbing, I feel that I am not alone in this refound longing for family. 


Although this holiday season is boiling to be different for the majority of us, we must attempt to try to stay connected with those whom we can’t be with physically.


Call that aunt that you haven’t spoken to in a while.


Invite your cousins onto a zoom call and update each other on where you are in your life. Share the latest gossip.


Ring up your grandparents and let them tell you everything that has been going on in their lives recently. 


Reach out to those that may not even be blood, but are family all the same.


Simply, reach out.


During these times, although we may not be able to be physically together during this holiday season, we can all be connected in our hearts.