[Opinion] Why I’m Voting for Biden


Lizzy Leung, Editor

The reality for many people who are voting in this presidential election is that they feel like they are voting for the lesser evil. It’s a reality that might seem unfair and uncomfortable, but it is reality. Biden might not be the fiery, inspiring, revelation bringing knight that we want, but Biden is the path that leads us there.

A vote against Biden is a vote for Trump.

Trump’s presidency is entirely not about his policies.

Trump’s presidency is entirely about identity. 

Trump’s presidency is the safety net for racists and xenophobes.

They support the mistreatment of immigrants held in detention camps, they support the cops behind black injustice, they support the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, they support white supremacy militias working with cops, they intimidate voters and prevent them from voting.

They will stand behind all of Trump’s actions and policies (regardless of if they actually understand them), because as long as Trump is in the office, their beliefs are validated and safe.

If you don’t agree with the actions of his racist and xeonphobic following, you shouldn’t vote for Trump because as long as he is in office his MAGA ideology continues to be supported by the US Government.

Vote Biden.

Voting for Biden is a vote against MAGA Ideology and Biden does have progressive policies. 

Biden will not turn away from science… 

His Seven Step COVID 19 Plan is grounded in following the principles that doctors and healthcare professionals have been begging for. 

He will ensure that the U.S. achieves a 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050.

Biden will not target our immigrants…

In the first 100 days, he vows to stop separating families at the border.

He’ll stop indefinitely holding families and allow them to live in dignity while waiting for documentation.

He’ll stop funding the wall.

He’ll make it easy for immigrants to integrate into the economy by promoting immigrant entrepreneurship and providing access to language instruction. 

Biden has a plan for our economy and financial recovery.

He’ll instantly put people to work to help fight the pandemic.

His Made in All of America plan calls for buying American-Made clean energy to power factories, focus on smaller manufacturers who employ POC and Women with additional resources, make a $300 million investment in R&D and other breakthrough technologies, have a Pro-American Worker Tax and Trade strategy, bring critical supply chains back to America, and so much more.

His Education Plan will ensure teachers receive competitive wages, triple the funding for Title One schools, and fix the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

He plans to make a $2 trillion accelerated investment against Climate Change which will create jobs and increase funding for infrastructure, auto industry, transit, power sector, buildings, housing, agriculture and conservation, environmental justice, and environmental innovation.

He will protect the Affordable Care Act and expand on it.

America is at a crossroads. One path leads us to the escalation of division, violence, and hatred. The other gives us a fighting chance at mending our democracy and climate before it’s too late. 

Vote Joe Biden to save the future of America. 

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