My Apologies


I would like to apologize to the teachers and staff for my constant delay in completing my work. On behalf of the student body, I can say the adjustment to remote learning comes with a lot of unexpected hurdles. For your enjoyment, here are my legitimate excuses for not getting my work done on time.

To my English teacher:

I apologize for being 2 essays behind. The thing is, I can no longer complete an essay in one sitting. I have a new routine. I sit down and read the passage just fine. Like clockwork, my dear, darling five-year-old sister barges in begging for attention. With a pout like that and my dad and stepmom both working, I simply can’t say no. After that, I return to my workspace and reset. I plan my points and inspire my will to write- then hunger strikes. I have to get a snack, so I go to the kitchen. There, I find my 13-year-old sister near burning the house down with cookies that miraculously seem to be melting into the oven. I can’t let her suffer the punishment of ruining the kitchen in addition to a batch of cookies, so I do her a solid and help her clean up. I return, yet again, and finish the essay that I’m not even sure makes sense. 

To my Math teacher:

I apologize for not doing anything right anymore. In class, I could rely on my table mates and your work on the board to guide me. Now, I am all alone with my friends on facetime who are equally as lost. I promise we are working hard. However, that test on week one took 4 ½ hours. My motivation is a little weak right now, but I am beginning to grasp the language that is statistics. It is just taking a bit longer than usual.

To my Social Studies teacher:

I apologize for having nothing turned in this month. When working on your review charts and notes, my Type A tendencies possess me and one set of notes can take up to 4 tries and many hours of work. Thank you for being so understanding and I promise I am getting closer to having a lot of assignments ready for you to look at. Your patience and kindness are greatly appreciated and I hope that when you see my finished products they will make you proud. 

To my Science teacher:

I apologize for being approximately one week behind in assignments. I am guilty of putting my science assignments lower on my priority list because it is one of my only non-AP courses. Also, one of the biggest assignments requires me to go outside, but I don’t get out much anymore. My world pretty much shrank to the size of my bedroom, the staircase, and the kitchen. Skywatching isn’t exactly in the cards. However, as I get more on top of my AP assignments and restrictions get lifted, everything will be complete. I just hope it’s before grades are due.

To my Marketing teacher:

I apologize for not working on the simulation as often as I should. Your class is one that brings me a lot of joy. I love working on the social media simulation, but there is one thing standing in my way- the internet. In my home, we have 6 people all of which own 3 devices. That’s 18 devices on one network, so at this point, it’s a roulette of who’s room or devices get the best connection for the day. Why not disconnect the ones not being used you might ask? Well, unless you want to unleash a war within the walls of my home, I think it’s best to keep the peace and “take the L” every once in a while. 

In General:

One major problem I did not acknowledge is the fact that I switch houses every week. The obstacles listed above are only relevant to my dad’s house. As you can imagine, switching my life to a whole new family and environment is very difficult. It feels as though when I finally get adjusted to one house, it’s time to leave and do it all over again. Remote learning is an adjustment, but through trial and error, I am learning what works well for me.

I know that there are more problems my peers and teachers are facing too. I just ask this of everyone to please be patient with people. Don’t expect to get a grade right away for an assignment you turn in 12 days late. Don’t just stop working because your grades can’t go down. We are all in this together and everyone’s situation is different. Only you know what you can and cannot do right now for school. Teachers are here for you if you reach out and are honest about your situation. They won’t fail you for not having access, time, or resources to get everything done. School is very flexible right now, but it won’t be forever. It’s time to learn how to work with the distractions and difficulties that come along with working at home. 

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