Unity on the Green


Kristina Boyko

Photo courtesy of Alex Wilhelm

Like any other athlete, the individuals on Grandview’s Golf Team pour passion, sweat, and tears into their sport every day. They work hard to achieve their goals and many of them quickly see the outcome of working hard and playing hard.

Although golf is an individual sport, the girls on the team help push each other to become better together. However, their progress would not be nearly as dramatic without the aid of good coaches and their expertise. Sophomore Esther Mun who plays on JV2 agrees how proper coaching has helped her significantly improve.

“ [My favorite part about golf is] being a part of a team even though it is such an individual sport,” said freshman Emma Hildner who is on the JV team.

Mary Danielson–who has been coaching golf at Grandview for 18 years–is retiring this year, but she values more than just what she can teach the girls.

“[It’s about] the relationships that you establish with different kids over the years, and you hope you make as much of an impact on them as they made an impact on you,” said Danielson. “It’s very rewarding to see them be very successful and to grow in a sport from freshman year to senior year.”

Coaches not only provide necessary advice on how to improve golf skills, but also provide emotional support for the team in crucial moments.

“ [The coaches] help make you realize the importance of looking forward and not focusing on your last shot,” said Hildner.

Along with the end of this golf season comes the end of many players’ high school careers. For the seniors this means a last chance to compete with their friends, but for the underclassmen playing with the team it is a chance to improve.

“I think that [when the seniors leave] it’s going to be hard at first because they are such a big part of the team, but there are good players on the team to make up for it,” said Black.

Similarly, it’s Coach Danielson’s last year coaching, and she describes leaving the team as “bittersweet” because of how much she’s enjoyed her position.

As the golf season comes to a close, goodbyes are being said and goodlucks along with them. The girls will continue to prepare for their next season while they’re off so they can come back better than ever next spring.