Jake Kartz 4/29


Information compiled by Ava Bonavia and Kenzie Wager

Photos courtesy of Jake Kartz

How did you get into lacrosse?
I originally played in third grade and a best friend got me into it. Then he quit so I quit too. Then I got back into it in sixth grade, because a couple of buddies wanted to try it again, so here I am.
What is the most stereotypical outfit you can wear as a lax bro?
Khakis, a windbreaker and a backwards hat.
What has been your favorite grade?
Probably junior year. I’ve gotten a lot of achievements this year and I’ve grown a lot as a person.
If you could have one meal before you die what would it be?
California pizza kitchen mac and cheese.
If you had to be a celebrity for a day who would it be?
Leonardo DiCaprio because he’s doing a lot of great things for the earth and the community, and I want to be apart of that.
How has your dad being a JV coach impacted this year for you?
It’s helped us grow in our father and son relationship but it has really been more than that. Where he has learned the sport and I’ve helped him learn, that has helped me as a player.
If you could be any domestic animal what would it be and why?
A cat. They have such a good life. They just lay around and eat and sleep all day.
What’s your rapper name?
Young propane because I make straight flames.
If you had to live homeless anywhere in the world where would you live?