Isaac Smith 4/15


Information compiled by Ava Bonavia

Photos courtesy of Lizzy Leung

What inspired you to play baseball?
I’ve just been playing it since I was a kid and I’ve always loved it
What’s your favorite tv show?
The Office and Grey’s Anatomy
If you could be one famous person who would you be and why?
Tom Brady because he’s that dude
What’s your favorite part about baseball?
The team and the bonding and the friendships
What’s your spirit animal?
The panda
What’s your dream college and would you play baseball there?
My dream college is Stanford and yes I would play baseball there
Would you rather only eat meat, only eat seafood or be a vegan?
Not vegan
Who’s your biggest influence in your life?
My mom
What’s your favorite memory from baseball?
Last spring break when we went to California. That was fun
What’s your favorite thing about being a Grandview wolf?
The fact that I’m not a cougar