Dodgeball Tradition



Photos courtesy of Dani Armitage and Jared Chartrand

The dodgeball tournament during Wish Week has become an important tradition full of excitement and fun.

Dodgeball has become an important event that has been able to bring the school together.

“It brings together the students of all grade levels. [They] join in whether they’re an athlete or not,” said Nia Andricupoulos, a student in leadership who is in charge of the tournament.

In order to have a team, there needs to be a certain number of people.

“Teams are normally six to seven people,” said Sydney Holtman, who is also involved in leadership.

The tournament is a way to bond with your friends and meet people you would’ve never met before.

“It [dodgeball] helps connect the school because it gets more people involved in wish week,” said Holtman. “You’re on a team with your friends but you’re competing against some people that you may not know so it’s friendly competition and you get to meet people that way.”

Not only has dodgeball become a great way to meet friends, it has continued to grow over the years.

“It’s more of a tradition. People know it’s coming and get excited to go watch or go play,” said Sarah Hicks, who is also in charge of the tournament.

People see the fun in the tournament and come back to play the next year.

“A lot more people are finding out about it. And seeing how fun it is, they come watch it one year and they’re like, ‘I wanna take part in this next year,’” said Holtman.

As attendance grows, so does the energy during the tournament.

“The more people that come, the more pumped up the teams get,” said Andricupoulos.

Dodgeball has become an important event during Wish Week that has grown to become a tradition.

“It’s a way for them to get involved with the school and to help out our wish week kid,” said Andricupoulos.
The next event for Wish Week is Grandview Basketball
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Girls Varsity- 5:30 pm
Boys Varsity- 7:00 pm

All games are at Grandview, so come out and support!