End of the Road


Kristina Boyko

From the moment that they walked out on the stage at the state competition, Grandview’s cheerleading team never expected to win the title of number one in the state, and have the privilege of going to Nationals. Although this year’s cheer season brought good memories to both the athletes and the coaches, for some girls the memories they made this season will be their last here at Grandview.

For senior Tallyn Salazar, this year will be her last competing with Grandview before heading off to college, but nonetheless she is ready to compete at nationals.

“I am really excited for nationals just to end the season good, since it’s my last season,” said Salazar.

Salazar isn’t the only senior leaving the team this year; Senior Hanna Wegienka is prepared to make her last season one to remember as well.

“I think we’re gonna do really good at nationals,”said Wegienka. “We keep pushing ourselves everyday at practice to hit our routine better than we did at state.”

Unlike Salazar and Wegienka who will be continuing to cheer in college, this will be senior Sophia Clemons’ last year cheering.

“It’s pretty sad because it is my last year and it was my first time being on varsity, which was also a great experience,” said Clemons.

Throughout the ups and downs the end of the season is a bittersweet time for the cheerleaders leaving to college.

“I’m actually really sad about it like I didn’t think it would be sad, but I won’t cheer with these girls ever again and it’s like my family,” said Wegienka.

Cheerleading, similar to other aspects of school, has put the girls through experiences that have taught the girls many lessons that they will find valuable in their future.

“We had a lot of drama with some girls, so we brought up two JV girls, so we have a new dynamic on the team right now. So we’re dealing with that,” said Salazar

Despite team challenges the girls have been able to learn and grow as individuals and as a team.

“The experience and dealing with certain people [is something that cheer has taught me]” said Clemons.

As the season comes to an end the girls reflect on their years of cheerleading.

“Next year, don’t rush anything. Every senior says it goes by fast, but it really does. It’s hard to think that I leave for my last Nationals soon, just enjoy it while you can,” said Wegienka.

As the girls prepare for Nationals in February, they continue to work hard at practices to end this year on a good note.  

“We keep pushing ourselves everyday at practice to hit our routine better than we did at state, “ said Wegienka.