Got Nutrition?


We’ve all been there. Staring up into the sky and wondering why there has been no progress made from the workout you’ve been doing. However, today is your lucky day because we have answers of why you may not see much progress and how can you start seeing it.

Tod Mckercher, advanced sports medicine and health teacher, says that raw food is one of the best snacks. He explained that citruses, like oranges, and grapes, help to build your immune system. 

For vegetarian people who need help with nutrition, freshman Jaideep Jassal recommends eating foods high in protein.

“I drink a protein shake [with] two scoops with a bunch of fruit strawberries, bananas and mix it all together. I drink that at least twice a day: one in the morning before school, and one before I go to bed,” said Jassal. 

In the same concept of protein, Ryan Budd, teacher of weight training, team sports, and wrestling head coach, recommends eating a lot of meat, vegetables, or fruit.

“It really depends what you’re looking for in your diet. But, eating healthy is essential, no matter if you’re gaining or losing [weight],” said Budd.

For those who are having a hard time sticking with diets, there is a solution.

“It shouldn’t have to be [a] specific plan,” said Mckercher. “You got to break it down, into actually having enough interest in your diet plan to be able to stick with it.”

Moreover, Budd recommends a balance in your diet.

“A good diet, depending what we are doing: five to six days a week and then you have a cheat day,” said Budd. “When you are dieting, gaining or losing weight, I think it’s really important to have at least a day off, where you can have those cheat meals and things of that nature. Otherwise, it becomes almost repetitive to the point where you don’t want to continue doing it”.

Once you start to eat healthy, you’ll see positive changes!

“From health standpoint terms of having the right biochemistry, your brain releases the proper chemicals that make you feel happy and sleep well. They are all regulated by food,” said Mckercher.

Being healthy in life is hard but being hopeless and sad about your life is easy. So make a change. Live life healthy, knowing your nutrition, and knowing your future.