Regarding The ‘Demons In The Den’ Article: A Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

First, we would like to express our support to all of our teammates on whatever paths they have chosen regarding their participation in the Grandview Volleyball program. That being said, we take exception to much of the recent Grandview Chronicle article titled “Demons in the Den.” Beyond the inflammatory headline and some factual inaccuracies (Rob Graham was a celebrated head volleyball coach and teacher at Ponderosa for 16 years, not eight), we feel that the article did not accurately reflect the program we participated in. Those of us who have played sports at a high level know that each coach brings a unique coaching style; and we learned early on that Coach Rob’s volume on the court is a communication style rather than an expression of anger or verbal abuse, as it was alluded to in the article.

We think we can speak for the entire team when we say that our hearts broke for our wonderful friend and teammate Alyse Coverly regarding the incident at UNC. We adore her and support her. But to exploit that incident in your article and cast the entire program under a long shadow of abuse is reckless and offensive to those of us, including the coaching staff, who worked tirelessly to develop our team into Regional Champions and State Championship contenders this season. Also inaccurate is the suggestion that Grandview Volleyball’s shaky record for the last few years is due to oppressive coaching. Anyone truly familiar with high school athletics knows that individual sports programs are at the mercy of the depth of the talent pool coming up through the pipeline.

And while we may have lacked student body and alumni support this season, we hope that will change in the years to come, as we have some incredibly talented underclassmen currently in the program who, we are confident, will help elevate Grandview Volleyball to its former glory.

Be kind.

Gabby Beckman, Hannah Skurcenski, Elsa Lamphere, Nicole Yakushenok and Ariana Bough