Grandview Boys Soccer Falls to Arapahoe in State Championship Game


Lizzy Leung

Above: Raymond Jackson (12) falls to the ground in defeat as the last buzzer sounds off, marking the end of the game and his senior season. Grandview lost to Arapahoe 2-1. 

Grandview’s best season in eleven years came to a tragic end after losing in the state championships, 2-1 against Arapahoe High School.  

The Grandview Crowd after halftime, the score being 1-1.

Stepping out onto the field, both fans and players of both teams could feel the excitement of playing in a professional stadium.

“This is my last game of high school ever. We are in a professional stadium on a professional field, the nicest grass I’ve ever played on,” Senior Captain Ian Oltman said, “I’m going to be smiling, I’m going to enjoy the whole time.”

Senior Captains Ian Oltman (8) and Raymond Jackson (15) show mixed emotions during the game.

The game started with no time to waste, Arapahoe scored on a corner kick aided by a header eleven minutes after kick-off.

Seven minutes later, Senior Captain Raymond Jackson sent an excellent pass to Senior Noe Ortiz pena who tied up the score.

At halftime, the points were still tied.

“It felt great to lead the team, to tie it up for that certain time,” said Ortiz.

With the start of the second half, the tension between the teams rose as penalties were being continuously dished out by the referees towards Grandview. After a deadlock between both teams, Arapahoe was able to score.

Seniors Ransom Hall (left) and Raymond Jackson (right) fight an Arapahoe player for a header.

“The referees were totally biased towards Arapahoe, they did not seem to like us at all.” said Oltman. 

Grandview fiercely fought to get the ball into the back of the net, however, Arapahoe’s defense was ruthless: earning them two yellow cards by the end of the game.

Time felt as if it had started slipping away. Grandview’s players and fans were in shock as the buzzer that marked the end of the game 

sounded off.

Senior Peter Goldy preparing for a header at the end of the second half.

In disbelief, Grandview was left stagnant on the bleachers.

As Grandview players grieved, the fans did not leave them to deal with it alone.

After enough time had passed for the players to understand their situation, both players and fans were proud that Grandview was able to make it this far after eleven years.

 The current Grandview soccer team represents the best of what is to come in the future. It was a loss, not a defeat. It was a step in the right direction.