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Take a Break


Between the 2017 and 2018 school year at Grandview, there have been 16,182 unexcused absences. 38% of all absences.

Throughout the rigors of high school, many students feel the inclination to skip classes. And whether it be to sleep, study, or even be with friends, it’s just a fact of high school that students skip classes.

Desmond Bailey, a junior, is one of the many who occasionally skips classes.

“Either it’s boring, I’m tired, or my friend has that off,”  Bailey said. “If you have something else to do, or can’t function in class, then it’s ok to skip.”

Allie Clark, junior, agreed that there should be leniencies on attendance in certain circumstances.

“If people are having a health crisis; mental or physical,” said Clark.

Clark is an exceptional student here at Grandview who skips classes in order to study. Her parents trust that she will only skip with good reason.

If I’m feeling sick or if you know I’ve stayed up the entire night and can’t stay awake or need (to do) homework then they’re fine with that,” said Clark.

There are many students who don’t spare the same leniency on themselves or others when it comes to attending class.

Between trying to get into the best college, to get the best career, and to be the best, it can seem like there’s no time to waste. However, mental and physical health should always be top priority.

Mrs. Barnes, a dean at Grandview, also recognizes that skipping class is ok when you need to prioritize yourself.

“You have to take care of yourself, not just your education,” said Barnes.

“I had a student here the other day who had to work a double shift and (she) didn’t know she had to work a double shift,” Barnes said. “She was really tired and visibly so, and I know that that student is trying to work really hard to pass classes and stuff this year because last year was really tough for her.”

When students fail to recognize that they deserve a break, it can lead to overworked, stressed, tired, and irritable teenagers.

There are many students who drive themselves to this point, whether it be societal pressure, parents, or their own expectations, it is necessary that they understand to take a break every once and awhile.

If you’re working hard and are having a difficult time, mentally or physically, one unexcused absence will not be the end of your success. Sometimes that unexcused absence can bring more good than bad.

However, while there are valid reasons for the occasional unexcused absence, the importance of school should not be ignored.

I mean this is really the only thing that students can do for themselves that can benefit [their] future,”said Barnes. “Nobody else can get your education for you and so it’s imperative that you’re here.”

We are still high school students. Our main priority is being successful here at school, so attending class is important to ensure a bright future and good grades.

An exemplary student who practices this responsibility is, junior, Lindsay Parizotto.

She manages to maintain a near-perfect attendance despite balancing AP and honors classes, two sports and a job.

“I think it’s important to be attending class and getting all the information on time,” Parizotto said.

She fears skipping class would affect her record.

“I’m in two sports and I feel like being responsible is what I need to be doing,” she said.

Parizotto tries to keep a positive mindset on school, and while it may not always be fun, she knows it’s the best for her in the long run.

“Since we are students and young still, school is really our main responsibility and so you you might as well make the most of it for your future.”

It is imperative to take care of yourself. It means taking a break when you need it. It means knowing your limit. But it also means taking care of your future by working hard in school.

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  • L

    Lain IwakuraOct 11, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Unexcused absences are only justified in the event of a health crisis, be that mental or physical. Tiredness can potentially lead to one of these things, but shouldn’t be an excuse in and of itself, because it can potentially be functioned through. If you’re in a position where your obligations are constantly putting you into a position where you’re constantly exhausted, you’ve either put too much on your plate and need to drop something, or are living in unreasonably bad circumstances that should and probably can be changed through means besides you literally constantly overworking yourself.

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