(Home) Coming to Win


Ava Bonavia

One year ago the football team walked off the field quietly and gathered in the locker rooms, defeated. They suffered a loss of 21-14 against their rivals, Eaglecrest, during their homecoming game. 

This year they’re playing for a win. Last year’s defeat was a hard pill to swallow for the Grandview football team, but this year they are planning to win.

Jordan Billingsley, a senior who has been on varsity since his sophomore year, remembers last years loss.

“It was really tough, there were a lot of mistakes,” said Billingsley. “This year we lost a lot of people, but what we have to do is correct those mistakes and play as a team.”

 Billingsley recalled the feeling of loss and why he doesn’t want it to happen again.

“[I] remember the feeling of them [Eaglecrest] all hyped up and we’re going back to the locker room and we were just quiet with the coach yelling at us,” said Billingsley. “We have to remember that feeling and not want it again.”

This years players will use last years defeat to help improve their play this year. 

“[We have to] always remember that we lost and to fight through it and know we’re better than that,” said junior Colby Morgan.

This win won’t come easy as Eaglecrest is ranked 8 in Colorado and sophomore Jacob Burr knows that.

“[I’m putting in] extra time at practice with receiver and centers,” said Jacob Burr, our starting quarterback.

Not only are players putting in the effort, their coaches are also preparing the team meto win.

“Mentally he puts us in different game situations during practice to make us think about what we have to do,” said Billingsley.

Despite all the practice, players still have hesitations.

“Yeah I’m nervous [about the game] there’s a lot of eyes watching and we have to do good,” said Burr.

Although there is pressure from the crowd, the players will use the crowd to help them play better.

“It feels better when there are more people there,” said Morgan.

Grandview is pulling out all the stops to get ready for the homecoming game and to win. Come out to Legacy stadium this Friday at 7:00 pm to show some school spirit and pride at our Homecoming football game.