Give Us A Break


By Ava Bonavia

Spring break is a time to relax and take a break from school, but it has evolved to become a week for teachers to give hours upon hours of homework.

Students Lauren Charles and Grace Holmes experienced the hectic spring break from their honors and AP classes.

“I am in three honors classes and one AP,” said Holmes, a sophomore.

Lauren Charles takes the same course load full of honors classes and experiences the same abundance of homework.

During spring break, both received the large amount of homework usually reserved for the school year.

“I counted it all up and I had 12 hours of homework over break. Part of it was because I was a little bit behind but we also didn’t have a lot of time in class,” Holmes said.

I counted it all up and I had 12 hours of homework over break. Part of it was because I was a little bit behind but we also didn’t have a lot of time in class.

“I received probably 6-7 hours of homework,” said Charles.

Some of their homework from classes were given as a result of not having enough time in their 90 minute classes.

“We had a research paper to write (in English)  and it had to be 5 or more pages and we only had time to do research in class so no one had started the essay till break and we had to have our final draft turned in and done by Wednesday the week we came back from break,” said Holmes.

Each believed the homework they only added to the stress of school.

“I believed it (homework) added stress because there better things I wanted to do than my homework that was stressing me out to get a good grade on,” said Charles.

“The homework given did give me stress. Even if I wasn’t doing it at the time, if I was watching netflix. I’m not stressed doing the homework but I am stressed thinking about the homework,” said Holmes. “I was never really relaxed I was guilty relaxed.”

Along with adding stress to break, homework took away from family time.

“The Friday, Saturday and Sunday before school my entire family went up to the mountains to go skiing and I only got to ski one day instead of two because I had to go home and do homework, but at least I finished my essay,” said Holmes. “My little cousin, who is about seven now, I don’t get to ski with a lot anymore. “

“We did my room, so I would’ve been painting my room as opposed to doing homework or my brother and I would have gone out to lunch,” said Charles.

Both girls believed they did not get a true break from school during spring break.

“I never stopped doing school work or thinking about school during break, so I never got a break,” said Homes.

“It wasn’t a break since I had to do a bunch of homework over the break as opposed to actually not doing anything like summer,” said Charles.

With all the stress and hassle from homework each believed that homework should not be apart of break.

“A break without homework is better than with homework because you get that relaxation factor. That week you get off you can catch up on sleep you missed doing homework during the school year that wasn’t on break and it helps you destress,” said Charles.

“I don’t think there should be homework during break because we show up to school almost everyday and we do homework almost all night. We do this stuff for almost an entire year so we deserve a week off. If we get a break then it should be a break not homework,” said Holmes.