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4/30 Sanjay Kalaga


Information compiled by Ryan Arnold 


How has Track and Field impacted your time at Grandview

“Doing Track and Field has helped me to stay in shape, while also allowing me to compete alongside some of my closest friends.”

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What first peaked your interest in Track and Field?

“My friends from Cross Country and I wanted to keep our training up for the upcoming seasons, so Track was our way of keeping up our training when we weren’t in season for Cross Country. However, I later found out that my middle school experience in the high jump surprisingly let to me continuing to high jump in high school.”



What’s it like being Mr. Grandview?

“People often hoist me up on their shoulders as I walk through the halls which is enjoyable. However, I’m just trying to be myself and have a positive impact with or without the title of Mr. Grandview. The title is nice though.”



What is your ideal breakfast meal?

“A two egg omelette with cheese, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, shredded aged cheddar cheese, maybe topped with a spritz of Tabasco. But if that’s not possible, Captain Crunch is just as good.”



What’s your pre-meet routine?

“Lots of sleep and hydration, pasta, lots of stretches, and a few minutes before my event to get into the zone.”



What was it like being the MC for Mrs. Grandview?

“Being an MC was a fun experience that allowed me to try to add to an already amazing event. I also got to talk to a lot of fine females, with amazing personalities, backstage during the rehearsals. It was a lot of pressure on the contestants, so I also tried to create a more comfortable environment for them so it wouldn’t be as nerve-wracking.”



If you could be any vegetable, which one would you be and what other vegetable would you get rid of and why?

“An orange. Lots of Vitamin C, and then other people could call me cutie or something like that. Cauliflower would definitely get tossed. As far as i’m concerned it’s just discount broccoli. It just should not exist.”



What is your favorite memory of Track and Field?

“The snowball fights for sure. It’s cutthroat during those times. It’s every man for themselves. Not even the coaches are safe from me. I’ve dinged coach Lohman a few times for sure. I wish there was some snow to do that again.”



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4/30 Sanjay Kalaga