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Parking Predicament


The lower Grandview parking lot is a chaotic space full of new drivers causing it to be an unpredictable place.

Junior Amber Hall has had her license for over a year and usually drives herself to school on a daily basis.

She realizes the disorder of the parking lot after the last bell rings. When leaving, she said, “It’s the traffic, and all of the people walking across that slows me down.”

At the same time Junior Haley Tidd agrees with Amber Hall. “I’ve always felt nervous especially after school gets out because of the rush of traffic and the fact that everyone wants to get out as fast as possible.”

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People are very careless in the parking lot.

Tidd has even been in a accident in the Grandview parking lot. “I was sitting at the stoplight about to turn right onto arapahoe and I had been stopped for a good fifteen seconds and someone came up behind me and hit me,” said Tidd.

This was the damage done to Tidd’s car when she was rear ended in the Grandview parking lot.

Tidd’s accident highlights the dangerous and inexperienced side of highschool driving. “He said he thought that I was moving but I clearly wasn’t moving. It was a high schooler who hit me.”

In addition to amateur driving, students struggle to find a space to park in, making the experience more stressful.“Parking is very limited. The teachers get all of the good spots,” said Hall.

Security guard Darleen Sanchez addressed the parking situation. “Teachers may park wherever they like. The reason we have teacher parking is to avoid student fender benders.”

Regarding to students who need to park, there is the parking pass. “We give out parking passes to make sure those who have a pass get a spot,” said Sanchez.

Students have also expressed concerned about speeding drivers. “I see people speed down in the parking lot all the time all the time,” said Hall.

The security guards have taken the precaution for speeding drivers. “I stay pretty attentive and treat every car like they don’t see me,” said Sanchez.

The security guards do their job, but what makes the parking lot so dangerous?

Not only do teachers and faculty park downstairs, but parents also use this area for pickup and drop off. “Parents pull off to the side and leave half of their car sticking out,” said Hall.

In addition to parents picking up their kids, “People are very careless in the parking lot,” said Hall.

Driving is a very big responsibility, and it is super important to be careful and follow the rules in order to keep everyone safe.

“When driving to school, I would leave yourself time to make mistakes just incase something happens, or just to make sure you’re not last to school and you’re not stressed because that makes your driving more dangerous,” said Tidd.

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    TheCritiqueBanditApr 2, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    Have you ever considered that virtually every high school parking lot it like this and the only thing they can do to change it is to either expand the parking lot (Unlikely) or stop taking in thousands of freshman en masse. Quit whining and talk to the principal about the freshman intake and we’ll no longer have 500 parents picking up their kids before and after school.

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Parking Predicament