2/5 Allyah Marlett


Information compiled by Ryan Arnold

Allyah Marlett is a Junior who represents Grandview’s Varsity Basketball Team.


How long have you been playing basketball? How long have you been on varsity?

“I’ve been playing basketball for eight years and I have been on varsity for three.”


What’s your favorite memory of playing basketball for Grandview?

“My favorite memory of playing with Grandview would be winning state last year.”


Do you have any hidden talents?

“I now how to solve a Rubik’s cube and I can juggle.”


If you could choose your last meal what would it be?

“Three slices of Anthony’s white sauce pepperoni pizza with parmesan cheese and red peppers.”


Any pre-game rituals?

“I absolutely have to play at least one round of team death match on Call of Duty WWII or Modern Warfare Remastered.


If animals could talk which one would be the rudest?

“Kangaroos would be the meanest because they look like grown men with claws.”


What’s the funniest joke you know by heart?

“Why aren’t Koalas considered bears? They don’t meet the ‘koalafications.’ Gets me every time.”


What are your plans for the future? Do you plan on playing basketball in college?

“Playing basketball in college is not a priority but I would. I want to go to Cornell University and after that go to medical school. After I graduate, I want to become a pediatric surgeon.”