Joy To The Wolves


By Samantha Stuart, Aura Delgado, and Ava Bonavia

The audience, made up of both staff and students, was left in awe. As they walked out of the auditorium, not one smile was faded.  

This is a common reaction from watchers that are able to attend the annual winter and spring concerts that the Grandview ILC team puts on.

The team’s last concert, performed on December 15, left the same heart-warming impact as years past, not failing to disappoint the crowd.

“The concert was really sweet and well put together. Everyone involved seem to have a really good time and should be proud of the work they’ve done,” said audience member and sophomore, Renee Eckley.

“The concert gave me a new perspective on ILC as many don’t get to see some ILC members for who they truly are, and onstage, you really get to see their true personality shine,” said Eckley.

Savannah Rock, senior and student assistant in the concert, agreed with Eckley about the performers’ impact.“We circle the calendar for the concerts. They [the performers] always light up the room no matter what’s happening in people’s life,” said Rock.

Linda Snelgrove, the ILC teacher in charge of the concert, added on to Savannah: “ I love the concert.  Grandview students, staff and the community are so supportive.  They make us feel like rockstars.  You can’t walk away from the concert without feeling good.”

Although Rock and Snelgrove were happy about the outcome of the concert, they explain that the preparation wasn’t easy.

The concert gave me a new perspective on ILC as many don’t get to see some ILC members for who they truly are, and onstage, you really get to see their true personality shine.

Savannah said that they “started working on the concert in mid-September”, illustrating the amount of time it took to get the final result.

To top off the concert, Mrs. Snelgrove and science teacher George Rose were awarded Grandview’s prestigious award of Teacher of The Year.

If you want to experience the joy of these ILC concerts for yourself, save the date for the Spring Concert happening on March 9th.

Performers’ Perspective:

Laura: Laura, a sophomore, said that this was her second concert, and that she was nervous, but had a lot of fun. Although she really enjoyed singing and dancing, her favorite part of the concert was seeing her sister in the audience.


Destiny: Destiny had a lot of fun while in the concert. She was the opening, acting as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and wearing sparkly blue slippers to represent Grandview. While performing, Destiny was excited on stage as both her mom and dad watched from the audience. Destiny had a blast at this winter concert.



Marcus: This year, Marcus performed in the ILC concert for the 9th time, he had a lot of fun performing. Even though he has been on stage a lot in the spotlight, he was still a bit nervous performing in front of a lot of people. He was happy that his mother, father, and sister attended to the concert to watch him perform. His favorite part was singing “Deck the Halls” and he felt good when the audience was clapping and cheering.  


Carl: Although this was Carl’s first concert, he was happy being onstage. He waved to his mom throughout the concert, and loved having her there to watch her.


Xavier: Xavier performed this year at the ILC winter concert and had fun. Xavier’s favorite part of the concert was the singing. His favorite song to perform was “I’ll be home for Christmas”. Xavier was not nervous performing and was happy to be on stage. His dad watched him from the audience as he performed on stage.