Telling of Telecommunications


By Jace Dicola

Out of the vast amount of jobs, Telecommunications is surprisingly the best job a high schooler can have.

When you decide to get a job, you will probably start applying to stores like Walgreens, Target, and AMC, but there is one job for Grandview students that will make your high school experience the best: Telecommunications.

“You know when you get those phone calls, and they’ll say: ‘I’d like to tell you about some deals.’? That’s me,” said Sophomore Remy Yin, a Grandview student working for Teletech.

High school jobs have a general stigma about being laborious, minimum wage jobs, however working for Teletech defies all these stereotypes.

Teletech has a beginning salary of $12 an hour, with a minimum  age requirement of just 15 years old. The job also tends to benefit the typical employee’s academic life.

“It goes through the school, so I have both first periods off…They go hand in hand. It actually helps a lot with time management…and with keeping your objectives,” said Yin.

As a sophomore, Yin would typically only have one off period, but this second off for his job counts as an unweighted school credit each year he works the job at Telecommunications, located only 15 minutes away from Grandview.

Many stores offer discounts for the products they sell, but Teletech tops these typical job benefits, offering deals such as a 10% discount on all Apple products for their employees.

If these discounts aren’t enough to sell you on the job, the true payoff is at the end of the two year contract, at which point you are eligible to get a Project Management Professionals, a PMP.

Teletech has a beginning salary of $12 an hour, with a minimum  age requirement of just 15 years old. The job also tends to benefit the typical employee’s academic life.

This is an internationally recognized certificate that increases the average project manager’s salary by 20% (average salary being $91,000 a year). Needless to say, this job only becomes more and more appealing if you are interested in going into business.

The most common route to earning a PMP is through an education route, costing the students $405-$555 for first time certification and hours of studying and reading, with a $60 annual renewal feel, whereas the supplementary certificate can be earned while you make money working for TeleTech.

Like any other skill, practice makes perfect; and working in telecommunications will improve your listening and conversational skills.

73% of employers now look for workers with honed communication skills, only achievable through practice, according to Inc. Magazine

As a highschooler, Yin works very steady, flexible part time hours, molding to his busy school and life schedule.

If the flexible hours, great discounts, certification opportunities, salary, and early hiring age doesn’t appeal to you, Yin references another benefit.

“It’s simply a much more professional job than McDonald’s,” said Yin. “It’s a very clean area…It has its own restaurants and a Starbucks and such inside.”

With the holidays sneaking up, and a long semester ahead, I encourage you, send in an application and see where it takes you! Out of all the opportunities in high school, Teletech by far provides the most suitable job for any high school student.

You can apply here!