One Thousand to One


Aidan O'Keefe

Out of Grandview’s 2,780 students, about one half participate in school sports, and for all of these athletes, we only have one athletic trainer, Mr. Learned.  

Although Mr. Learned is a great athletic trainer, the fact that he is the only one causes problems.

Since we are severely understaffed in the training room, Mr. Learned cannot treat all of the athletes in a realistic, efficient, time frame. One of the busiest seasons for the training room is when Fall sports are in full swing. These sports include volleyball, boys soccer, girls field hockey, cheerleading and football, as well as wrestling and basketball teams who are preparing for the winter season.

“I’m tired, I’m worn out, I can’t do it anymore.”

On any given day after school, there are between fifteen and twenty students waiting to see Mr. Learned, sometimes more.

“The sad thing is it forces (the) athlete to make a choice: either they get their sprain or whatever it is taken care of, or get to practice on time.” said Learned.

The long amount of time that athletes spend at the trainers not only takes away from the athlete themselves, but their team as well. If a good athlete is unable to practice because of an injury, and can not be quickly treated to because of the lack of resources, then the team has to practice without one member. In sports such as poms and cheerleading, one person absent has a huge impact on the execution of routines.  

“Its a problem for the athletes, it’s a problem for the coaches, which in turn causes problems for the parents.”

Since Grandview’s single athletic trainer can not possibly care for all of Grandview injured athletes, we must find a way to get some extra help. So why don’t we?

“Problem is there are positions outside of the Cherry Creek School district right now that are paying $45,000 to $52,000, Grandview only pays six [thousand],” said Learned.

There are some students at Grandview who help out in the program, but there are restrictions on what they can do regarding the athletes.

“Student trainers are only allowed to wipe down tables and do laundry, but they aren’t allowed to touch athletes,” said Learned.   

If we want to continue to compete at a high level throughout the state, we need to properly staff our medical team.

“I’m tired, I’m worn out, I can’t do it anymore.”