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A Show To Die For

Bravo’s “A Family Reunion to Die For”
Kate Mullin

Freddie is anxious for the next clue of the puzzle. He needs to bring justice to those who died. His pursuit for the murderer will not stop until he is found. On January 31st, February 1st and 2nd all answers will be revealed by Grandviews Bravo class, who will be performing this chilling murder mystery, A Family Reunion to Die For.

The play is set in at Wilcox Western Bed and Breakfast in the Virgin Islands where newlyweds, Freddie (Played by Joshua Wilson and Riley Hale) and Christine (Play by Ella Barrett and Abby Walden), are having their honeymoon,” senior Sophia Dotson said. “It takes a turn when a murder takes place involving family, guests and secrets.

As suspenseful as the play is, the cast all agree that the characters are the best part. Each actor/actress finds that the personalities in each persona allows them a lot of room to explore their role.  

Even through the suspense,  the personalities each character allows for them to personify gives them a lot of room to explore their role. 

“What I love about this story is that it has so many strange and quirky characters that we get to play,” junior Abby Allred said. “From dramatic family members to comic book enthusiast guests, there are so many different characters that the audience will get to interact with.”

 In addition to the unique characters in the show there is a lot that goes on behind the curtain; the first step is auditions.

“To audition for Bravo itself we had to prepare a minute long monologue and perform for a class and then we did an interview portion with Mrs. Lindahl,” senior Kate Mullin said. 

There are many different processes that each have their own importance when it comes to putting on a Bravo show. Once roles are officially casted, students have the opportunity to learn their lines.

Every show is different in terms of memorization. Some shows come easier than others but for this one it probably took me about 3 hours in total,” Dotson said.

The Bravo cast standing around Nora Khalilian after her dramatic on-stage death. Bravo is rehearsing for “A Family Reunion to Die For”, being preformed on Jan 31st.

Once both lines and blocking is learned the show starts to come together. Many students find themselves enjoying the community just as much as the characters of the show.

I have so much fun getting to work with different people both in the cast and on the crew, and getting to see how we all work together is such an incredible opportunity,” Mullin said.

Although the show is similar to the one put on last year, the rehearsal time makes it feel different.

We are usually working pretty fast because of the limited rehearsal time but it’s fun because it keeps us on our toes,” Mullin said.

When you are a part of a production it brings characters into a different light. They become more than just a character in some play.

“I prepare for performances by writing down some of my character’s internal dialogue. When they aren’t speaking, I decide what they are thinking about what’s going on, and who they’re suspecting,” Allred said. “This makes it easier and more fun to dive into my characters.”

Change is coming to Bravo with Brianna Lindhal retiring at the end of the year. 

“Getting to work with her in a show like the murder mystery is so fun because we all get to really delve into our characters and work with her to make this performance the best that it can possibly be,” Mullin said.

Bravo’s process of developing stories is incredibly in depth, with their selective process and unique style, making the show very appealing to not only Grandview students, but also outside audiences. 

“It’s a super fun story because the characters are super unique and funny,” Dotson said. “I think the audience will really enjoy it and they get to enjoy the dessert while watching the show.”

If you are interested in attending the show buy tickets online here

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