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Your Mind is Like a Muscle

AP classes show students how to balance the different aspects of their lives.

Stressful, tons of homework, difficult. These are all things that we’ve heard about AP classes, but freshman have found that there are benefits to their first AP class. 

Lisa Rodgers (Science) teaches AP Biology. (Natalia Ramsey)

“Kids are given a lot of work to do outside of class and that’s not easy work, it’s hard work and if you fall behind getting caught up, can be a real challenge, ” Mrs. Rodgers (Science) said. 

Bailey also explains how challenging AP classes can be for students, with all of the work needed to do. 

“You know there’s a certain amount of reading there’s a certain amount of work that goes into it so you’re going to have to studying and if you’re not committed to doing that then the class is going to be too difficult,” Bailey said. 

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One of Bailey’s students, Paige Jasinowski, said that it’s helpful how he teaches.

Paige Jasinowski (9th) (Natalia Ramsey)

“I’m taking all advanced classes,” Jasinowski said (9th).  “I think with him (Bailey) teaching me or if it were any other teacher I would have dropped out because just sometimes it’s boring.”

Alix B takes AP classes and talks about how AP expects more out of you. 

“I feel like we’re not given much instruction, they kinda just give us assignments and say like figure it out yourself, So we have to learn how to adapt with less directions,“  Alix B ( 9th) said. 

The counselors even see how the class can be challenging.

“The workload can be stressful,”  Mrs. Tepe (counselor) said. “And the pace they tend to go faster and if you miss a day it can really take a lot to catch up.”

On the other hand, AP classes can help students. 

Alix B (9th) (Natalia Ramsey)

Alix said, the best part of the classes is to get experience and “learning time management skills” 

Rodgers explained that students learn who they are because of AP classes

“During that time, they come to realize that ‘Yeah this is amazing and I love it ’ or ‘This is not what I thought it was going to be’ and then they kinda bail on that. Which is perfect honestly, I think knowing sooner rather than later who you are and what you want, will save kids a lot of time and money in college,” Rodgers said. 

Bailey adds on to this expression. 

Kurtis Bailey (Social Studies) teaches AP Human Geography. (Natalia Ramsey)

“When you take it from a high school teacher you’re getting somebody that is very sympathetic and caring probably compared to the average college professor,” Bailey said. “It’s a little more and personal and teachers are going to care that you pass the course or that you can work towards getting that college credit. ” 

Jasinowski finds Ap classes can make you feel better about yourself. 

“I think it helps you, like if you’re doing well it makes you feel better about yourself cause you’re like Well I’m doing good in an AP or Honors class but I think taking regular honors is just as helpful as taking Ap classes,”Jasinowski said. 

Tepe thinks taking AP Classes helps you learn about yourself.

Brooke Tepe (counselor) (Natalia Ramsey)

“(You learn) you’re resilient, you learn that there’s hills and valleys,” Tepe said. “There’s days where you say I can’t do this  but then you do it and that’s applicable to I think all areas of life.” 

This shows that AP classes can help you and raise your stress levels.

“You need to work out your body, you need to work out your mind and that’s hopefully what this class does.” Bailey said.

Notes from Honors Biology (Natalia Ramsey)

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