New Opportunities Found Through “Camp Discover You”


Camp Discover You” is one of the many events held by the Cherry Creek School district over the summer.

This camp is an opportunity for incoming freshmen and middle schoolers to explore the many electives and activities they might take during their high school careers. 

The camp offers breakout rooms including Journalism and Broadcasting, Robotics, Culinary, and many others that provide students with hands-on interactions. 

From making pizzas to coding and building robots, and even using GVTV’s cameras to create a video, the students could enjoy their time and also gain a feeling of what to expect when walking into the drastic change that is high school. 

Brenna Kennedy is a seventh grader going into eighth grade at Liberty Middle School and found interest in the business and culinary activities that were offered. 

What was your favorite part of “Camp Discover You”? 

“My favorite part of Camp Discover You was probably Culinary,” seventh-grade student Brenna Kennedy said.“ I really like cooking and baking, and I enjoy making things hands-on.” 

What was your most important lesson?

“My most important lesson was the one in business. I liked how we get to do a virtual life,” Kennedy said. 

If you were given the chance, would you do Camp Discover You” again? And if so why?

“Yes, I would go again because it’s a cool experience,”  Kennedy said. “I got to spend time with friends too.” 

Would you recommend that other students come to “Camp Discover You”, if so why?

“Yes I would because a lot of people don’t know what they want to do with their life, and it kind of helps people that don’t know,” Kennedy said. 

What piece of advice was the most helpful?

“I feel like all of it was helpful, but I think in business you learn more about yourself,” Kennedy said.

Although the students of “Camp Discover You” were a necessity, this camp would not have been able to succeed without the dedication of educators of the Cherry Creek School district. 

Scott Roberts is the advisor of GVTV, Grandview’s broadcasting department. Roberts taught these middle schoolers how to work a video camera, make interview questions, and how to do different kinds of camera shots.

What was your favorite part of Camp Discover You”

“My favorite part was watching students learn new things that they’ve never tried before,” Roberts said. “You could see them start to understand what we were doing and then actually liked it, hopefully piquing the interests of some students.”

Did it feel nice to teach future young journalists more about their interests? If so, why?

“Obviously, I like teaching journalism, it’s what I do every day of the school year,” Roberts said. “So, getting more and more students interested is a goal of mine. That’s why I decided to do the camp in the first place.”

What is your biggest piece of advice for these students moving on?

“Be open-minded, try to be creative, and try new things. The whole point of the camp was to get students to try something they’ve never done before,” Roberts said. “Most kids in middle school haven’t done robotics or done cooking classes or played around with cameras. I want new students to come in and find what they’re passionate about.”

Why did you feel that it was important for you to teach this class?

“I was trying to get new students to try the journalism program, which was the original thought I had, and also trying to get kids to do something they haven’t done before,” Roberts said. 

Overall, the activities at “Camp Discover You” have served as a fun and new experience for these students and have allowed them to pique the possible interests that they may have.