Best of the Met [OPINION]


The 2023 Met Gala took place on Monday, May 1. The Met Gala’s theme was “In Honor of Karl”, the late fashion designer who worked for brands such as Chanel and Fendi. Some of the best-dressed attendees at the Met Gala wore ensembles with dark and tweed accents, while some attendees missed the mark entirely. Here are our best-dressed and worst-dressed celebrities of the Met Gala, along with a few that missed the mark of the gala’s theme, or in wearing unique and interesting outfits. 

Best Dressed 

1. Anne Hathaway

Hathaway wins the night in a tweed Versace dress, giving her audience an outfit perfectly crafted to fit the theme. The strapless dress is held together by gold pins with their own heritage in the fashion industry adding the perfect accent in an otherwise plain ensemble. Her accessories and elegant updo bring it all together in a timeless, iconic look.  

2. Dua Lipa  

As Co-Host of the Met Gala, Dua Lipa definitely understood the assignment. She walked the carpet in an original Chanel Bride gown, one of Karl Lagerfeld’s own creations. The dress looks like it was made for her and, while I’m missing the accessories from the original runway look, she served. 

3. Conan Gray

Although it was only his second time attending the Met Gala, Conan Gray upstaged most of the men who accepted their invitation. I applaud famous men for any time they step out of their comfort zone which is a classic black tux, but Gray did what most men failed at: he looked good while doing it. Wearing Balmain, he walked in a shoulder-less, extremely detailed suit jacket that is like nothing I’d seen before. Still in cohesion with the theme, yet looking like nobody else in the exhibition, Gray showed Met veterans what the new expectation is.

4. Ben Platt

Honoring Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel, Ben Platt wore a white, full tweed suit with gold and black accents. If there’s a theme in successful outfits from this year’s Met Gala, it’s definitely tweed. Looking like he could match Dua Lipa’s vintage dress, he breaks the norm of men’s fashion in a classic, yet re-imagined Chanel look. 

5. Phoebe Bridgers 

Wearing Tory Burch and the only outfit in our top 5 without tweed, Phoebe Bridgers took an all-black look trimmed with pearls to the Met this year. The pearls brought the ensemble to the Karl Lagerfeld theme while still fitting her edgy personality. She looked stunning and I would have never expected less. 

Worst Dressed 

1. Pedro Pascal 

It hurts me to put Pedro Pascal as the worst dressed at the Met Gala, but I choose to blame his stylists and not him. I respect his ambitions to not wear a plain black tux, but his shorts and long coat were a bad alternative. The red shirt and jacket are too overpowering together and the boot makes it so we just see his (hairy) knees. If executed better, Pascal’s look could’ve been stunning, but Valentino and their team failed him this year. 

2. Jared Leto 

Leto took to the carpet twice this year, but the look that got him on this list was his cat costume, resembling Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette. The look was obnoxious to put it simply. I feel bad for the designers who worked hard to make this look, but I hope Leto had fun taking a risk nobody else would’ve executed. 

3. Ariana Debose

I could never imagine a single theme her look could fit, but worse she looked horrible. The bright yellow skirt with a matching off-the-shoulder bomber jacket is bad enough, but the fur really tops it off. Her hair in two skinny braids adds nothing special to the look. I hope she fires whoever dressed her like this because it’s hard to look at.  

4. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss hoped to distract us all from her look by announcing her pregnancy on the carpet of the gala, but nothing could convince me that the look was good. The vision was there, but definitely poorly executed. She did not need screen-printed, blurry pearls on her dress and then singular strings of real pearls over the fake ones. It looks cheap and messy and there had to have been a better way to make a fun pregnancy announcement. 

5. Naomi Campbell 

Part of the reason Naomi Campbell is here is because we expected more. As the queen of runway fashion herself, she couldn’t find a better outfit to honor a designer she worked closely with? The draped fabric she wanted to wear as a dress does absolutely nothing for her and the silver detailing looks like heavy, sharp feathers that were made in a rush. 

Missed the Mark 

1. Kim Kardashian 

I always look forward to seeing the Jenners and Kardashians walk the Met Gala carpet because they’re usually some of the best dressed, but only Kendall came to impress this year. Kylie showed up in a basic dress, and Kim…looks like she showed up to be a free ad for her company Skims because that’s the only thing she’s wearing. Strings of pearls cover the rest of her body, but they left her torso empty for some reason. I love the concept and she would’ve looked beautiful if it was a dress, but she missed the mark. 

2. Billie Eilish 

Billie Eilish looked really good, but also like a vampire. Her goth look had nothing to do with this year’s theme and just looked like undergarments from the Georgian Era. She was almost there but missed the mark. 

3. Taika Waititi 

Taika Waititi came in a subdued look, giving us no excitement. He looked good and I applaud him for his fashion, but his outfit was underwhelming. 

4. Olivia Rodrigo 

Olivia Rodrigo thought she could be in theme with just the colors black and white, but it’s not good. I can bet you her dress was in knots by the end of the night. The strings of the bottom of the dress look like shoelaces and the flowers on the neckline did nothing for the look except confuse me more. It was a questionable choice, but she looked good. 

5. Jenna Ortega 

Jenna Ortega’s look definitely executes her current image associated with the show Wednesday and puts a cool twist to the normal tweed and pearls most people showed up in, but the design is just ugly. High-low dresses have never looked good and she took it to the extreme. The platform dress shoes are not cohesive with the dress and her skirt looks rigid. I like the top and the fabric, but the skirt/train made her miss the mark.