Athlete of the Week – Oliver Schimberg (5/1)


Our Athlete of the Week is Oliver Schimberg, a sophomore and member of the Varsity Boys Swim Team for the Wolves.

What made you start swimming?

I was forced to do it when I was, like, four, so I’ve been swimming since [then]. I was okay at it until I was in eighth grade, and then I was actually starting to be good. So I just stuck with it because I was better at it than other sports.

Why do you like it so much?

Outside of because I’m just good at it, it’s also because half of the people I know are swimming. So having that environment is nice, and swim teams are really fun, especially [in] high school. It’s time to get away from a club where it’s really serious. 

Speaking of that community,what’s your favorite memory from the team?

I would say a good one is at state with the relays last year. We got the second best placement overall that we’ve ever got total points-wise. Our score was up there, and we weren’t supposed to be up there. So that was fun.

How would you describe the team chemistry at Grandview?

I definitely like to push people’s buttons in a way if they are not trying. The Evans are a good example on our team, where I’ll be like, “Damn, you’re really slow today,” and then we’ll push each other back and forth. It’s all in a joking way, but it makes people try a little harder. So we keep each other in check, but it’s also fun in a way.

How many times do you practice in a week, for Grandview and then for your club?

For Grandview, it’s eight times a week, so basically eight times from Monday to Saturday. For club, I usually practice five times a week, and then I lift. 

How early do you wake up for some of those practices?

My alarm is set for 5:16 [in the morning].

How many calories do you think you burn every practice?

1500, I would guess. It’s not a ton, but it is a whole meal’s worth.

How do you deal with that calorie loss?

I just eat all the time. When we went to sectionals, I think I lost five pounds just because I wasn’t snacking. We would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but because we were at sectionals, swimming all the time and not snacking, I lost a lot of weight. In comparison, here, I’m always snacking in class and stuff.

Is there any way that you deal with waking up early?

I go to bed really early. I’ve never really been up late. A late night for me is 10:30. On morning practice nights, I’ll be in bed by 8:15.

The year is coming to an end. Are there any exciting moments that come to mind from the season?

Our team as a whole in our relays broke all the pool records, which is fun because our coach was actually on all of them. So it was cool to take him off the board.

You broke a record at the Cherry Creek Invitational. How does that feel?

It feels good. I got it last year, and my club teammate took it back. So being able to take it back from him definitely feels good.