Plans for the Pack


Caleigh Daugherty

From the start to the close of your year, a dynamic duo is plotting the most memorable experiences you will have here at Grandview.

Not many students here think about who they have to thank for events such as Homecoming, or Prom, or Wish Week. The people they are thinking of is the leadership team here at Grandview high school, specifically the Student Body President, Joseph George,  and Vice President Kylie Thompson.

The first month has proven to be very eventful for these two, as they have already put on Homecoming Week and Mr. Grandview.

“It hasn’t been as stressful as I thought it would be,” said Thompson, “but a lot of the responsibility has fallen back on us because we are at the top.”

Taking these important positions head on has allowed both of them to become a lot more involved in the school. They love taking suggestions from students in the hall, or answering any questions about what is happening.

“It’s kinda cool, because people will just come up to me in the hallways and telling me ‘hey, here’s an idea about this,” or ‘why didn’t we have this for this week,’ It’s just nice to get feedback,” said George.

From taking suggestions and planning for the year, they have come up with some fun events that the student body can look forward to.

“We are all part of one the greatest schools ever,” said George.

Thompson is particularly excited for the 2018 Wish Week.

“It’s really special because not only are we celebrating ourselves and our school, but we are celebrating something so much bigger. We are supporting someone who is fighting through some things that are so much more important than what we go through everyday.”

Along with Wish Week, there is a new spirit week making its Grandview debut this upcoming year.

“Everyone should be getting hyped about the new “Inclusion Week”, it’s going to be a big set of spirit days and events,” George said.

Through these new events and bringing back Grandview favorites from years past, both Thompson and George hope to leave Grandview with restored school spirit.

“We are all part of one the greatest schools ever,” said George.

That should be passed along throughout the whole pack.