Meet the Miracle Week Kids: Charlie Fry


Diagnosed before 2, Charlie Fry’s future was bleak and undetermined from a very early start.

“Everyday is different,”  Charlie Fry’s mom Kim Fry said. “On the days that aren’t different you’re waiting for the next day to come, and something to change.” 

Grandview’s Miracle Week connects organizations with our student body to promote a cause to brighten the world around us. 

SLC6A1 is a rare Neurological disease,” Fry said. “1 in 3,500 [kids are diagnosed].”

This year we’re supporting SLC6A1 Connect, and a better tomorrow for families impacted by the disease. Bringing hope and light to bleak situations.

“SLC6A1 Connect is a patient organization,” Fry said. “With the sole purpose to develop a treatment and cure for kids suffering with SLC6A1.”

Strong like the Hulk, Charlie is now four and enjoys superheroes, music, dancing, the Kansas City Chiefs, and cooking. Charlie wants to be a chef when he’s older. Charlie Fry and his family push forward to ensure Charlie will one day be wielding the spatula. 

You can support Charlie and SLC6A1 Connect this week during our Miracle Week or donate directly to SLC6A1 Connect Go Fund Me page.