Athlete of the Week – Sienna Betts (3/6)


Photo credit: Karisma Flowers

Our Athlete of the Week is Sienna Betts, a sophomore and Varsity basketball player for the Wolves.

What inspired you to play basketball?

With being [part of] such a basketball-[passionate] family, it was like I was born into it. With my dad playing professionally, it was what I watched growing up which led to my desire to play.

How long have you played basketball?

I’ve played basketball for 10 years.

Are you going to continue playing basketball during the rest of your high-school career?


Why do you think you have continued playing for so long?

I think what made me continue is my passion and drive to get better. All I want is to be the best player I could be and that makes me continue and fight every day.

Are there any other reasons for behind why you play the sport?

I enjoy the competitiveness and the passion that goes with it. I love the people too. 

What is your motivation for playing basketball?

My motivation is the people behind me. The people who care about me so much and support my ups and downs and are always there for me. So many people have gotten me here and I was to know they have had an impact on my life as a player.

Are there any other sports that you find interesting?

I love soccer. That was my main sport I played most of my life. 

What’s your favorite part of the sport?

My favorite part of basketball is the competitiveness. I love getting into it and celebrating scoring or a block. The mentality that you need to have to succeed is what I hope for everyday.

What are you most grateful for?

I’m most grateful for the staff and my teammates.

What is your position in the game? 

I am a forward and center. So like a 4/5.

Do you practice outside of school?

I play in AAU in the summer, and during the school year, I train with my trainer and mentor. It’s hard in the school year to get in as much as I want to, but once the season is over I train at least an hour everyday. 

Were there any good memories from this year and last year?

A good memory from last year was winning the state championship. This year, my favorite memory was going to out-of-state tournaments like [Dallas, Texas].  

What are your thoughts of this year so far?

I’ve loved this season so far. I’ve had so much fun and I just love the people I get to play with and spend my days with.

What are your goals?

My personal goal this year was to become the best leader I could be and to use my skill to benefit others.

What is hard about the sport?

The hardest part about this sport is working through a hard patch in your career. You aren’t alway going to be playing at the level you wish to be at. So accepting that and knowing what you need to do is a mental struggle.

What do you think about your team?

My teammates’ dedication is so amazing to watch every day. I love these girls so much and I consider them my family. If I could I would be with them all the time. They are such amazing individuals and have the best sense of humor.

How far do you and your teammates think you will get this year?

We’ve already reached further than we’ve expected and we hope to continue to the final 4.

What do you believe was your best game? 

I think the best game I’ve played this year was against Fossil Ridge. Not just because I happen to score more than usual. But I played through a sprained ankle in overtime and had to work on both sides of the floor.

What was the toughest game you played?

I think the toughest game I have played this season is against Fountain-Fort Carson. I was so tired and I had to fight against a really good post the whole game. The mental state I was in was resilient and demanded to win. Having that fight in my whole team won us the game.