Athlete of the Week – Caroline Payne (2/27)


Our Athlete of the Week is Caroline Payne, a senior and Varsity swimmer for the Wolves.

When did you begin swimming?

I started swimming when I was three. I started competitively swimming when I was eight.

What is by far your favorite Grandview Swim moment?

My favorite Grandview Swim memory is probably “Rebellion” every year. Which is when we all skip practice and we play a big game of hide and seek in our school, and our coaches come and try and find us.

Do you have a favorite moment from this year?

My favorite moment from this year was probably Senior Night, because all my family went, and some of my friends went, and then we broke the Pool Record in my Relay, so that was really exciting.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in Swim?

My greatest or favorite accomplishment in Swim is probably tying in winning “Heart of The Wolf,” which basically is an award where your teammates vote on someone who they think is a good leader, has good team spirit, and someone kind of like what the award says, has the heart of the wolf. 

If you’re not swimming, what can we catch you doing?

Probably hanging out with my friends and family or working, or going to the gym. 

Future plans when this year is over? 

I’m going to go to Mizzou [University of Missouri], and study Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.

What is one thing you will take from Grandview Swim?

One thing that i’m going to take from Grandview Swim is probably how to work with others. It teaches you a lot about leadership, and caring for others as well as competition.

What is one thing you’ll be taking from your four years at Grandview?

One thing I’ll be taking from Grandview from my four years as a whole is probably just learning about community. Kind of like I said earlier, how to work with others, and caring about other people, and working as a team.