Why Patrick Mahomes is the Greatest Player of All-Time [OPINION]


Andre Brown

Now that I’ve got all the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Tom Brady lovers here…

Tom Brady is of course the Greatest of All-Time. Resume wise.

23 Seasons. 7 Rings. 649 Touchdowns (1st All-Time), 89,214 yards passing (1st All-Time), and 5-Time Super Bowl MVP, among other accomplishments where he stands alone. That resume is unmatched. He is as of now the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time. 

Patrick Mahomes, though, is the Greatest PLAYER of All-Time. His ability to manipulate the defense with his arm and legs is unmatched. That was seen in this year’s Super Bowl. On a high ankle sprain, an injury that most sit out with, as well as not having adequate time to heal, he just seemed to have another gear. In the second half, he used his legs. Something no Eagles fan, nor a fan of football would have expected. Going away from his best attribute, a cannon for an arm, and switching to something the Chiefs needed to win that game.

When we talk about the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and all the other greats of their respective sports, there’s one thing they have that others simply don’t. This extra gear is a switch that can be turned on and off but simply is never turned off. Almost like this energy reserve, that when the game is on the line, they don’t stop. They rise above the rest. When faced with challenges, they take them head-on and succeed on a level we simply don’t see everywhere. Mahomes time after time has taken these challenges and shown it simply does not matter. As long as Mahomes is on the field, the Chiefs have a chance. 

Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady through their first 6 seasons:

Super Bowl Victories: Brady 3, Mahomes 2.

Super Bowl MVPs: Brady 2, Mahomes 2.

AFC Championship Games: Brady 3, Mahomes 5.

AFC Championships: Brady 3, Mahomes 3.

NFL MVP Awards: Brady 0, Mahomes 2.

Regular-Season Record: Brady 58-20, Mahomes 64-16.

Passing Yards: Brady 18,035, Mahomes 24,241.

TD Passes: Brady 123, Mahomes 192.

Completion Percentage: Brady 61.9, Mahomes 66.3.

His resume is elite when you consider he has only been in the League for 6 years. 5 as a Starter for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

At the age of 27, Mahomes has 2 League MVPs, Over 24,000 passing yards, and 192 Touchdowns. In his 5 years starting, the Chiefs have gone to 5 straight AFC Championship Games, at the Chiefs’ Home, Arrowhead Stadium. In those 5 games, he’s won 3. Meaning he has 3 Super Bowl Appearances, winning 2. Receiving the Super Bowl MVP both times. Another 5-10 years of this dominance and he will match Brady. 

Even if you hate Kansas City, breaking down the numbers, and simply watching the NFL, there’s no doubt Mahomes is the most game-changing player we have ever seen. Defense’s have had to change the way they cover Kansas City’s potent offense. And no matter the receivers, Mahomes has found a way. When Tyreek Hill was traded during the 2022 Off-Season, the Chiefs were written off. Deemed by former NFL Wide Receiver, James Jones, “the worst team in this division (AFC West).” Other critics said Mahomes and the Chiefs were figured out. How did Mahomes respond? By having one if not his best statistical seasons. Winning another League MVP, and breaking the record for the most Total Yards in NFL History. 

Moving forward, Mahomes has proven that no matter the challenge, he can rise to the occasion. 

To be considered the greatest player ever, you must go above and beyond. Showing your set of skills is superior to those sharing the field. Anyone who watches football knows Mahomes fits the build. Brady may have a better resume as of now. After 23 seasons, you would expect he would. Mahomes has 17 hypothetical seasons to catch Brady, and with the pace, he has set, he will have no problem surpassing Brady.

Mahomes may not be the Greatest of All-Time, but he is the Greatest Player of All-Time. Or at least to me.