A Bright Soccer Off Season: Jacob Winnig’s Preperation For Next Year


Photo Credit: Shaina Torabi

The soccer off season is looking bright for freshmen varsity soccer player Jacob Winnig.

For Winnig being one of the youngest players on Varsity soccer, he feels great satisfaction for the ability to be a part of the team.

“It’s pretty special and a pleasure but honestly it’s pretty easy,” Winnig said.

This was accomplished through  a lot of preparation, including practice outside of school with a club team.

 “I’m on a team out of school and once a week we go to a workout center and the trainer gives us work outs, so that helps us a lot,” Winnig said.

Winning pushes himself during the off season to stay at peak performance levels. 

“I play at a pretty high level at Club so I [have to] maintain the fitness, the strength and the mobility to play at the highest level,” Winnig said. 

Winnig utilizes specific times during the day to maintain a constant schedule, and keep on top of his responsibilities for school, while still maintaining time for himself. 

“Something that definitely helps are off periods,” Winnig said. “They are definitely a big one that helps me out to get some homework done and relax a bit” 

When reflecting back on his first Varsity season, Winnig noted some favorite memories, while also noting a few wishes.

“[I] started all games as a freshman on Varsity, ” Winnig said.  “[But], I wish I got some more good goals.” 

When looking towards next season, Winnig has several goals he aims to accomplish

“I really wanna score some bangers next season,  I want more goals,” Winnig said. “I [also want to ]be a Sophomore captain for Varsity next year.” 

This past season ended off with the Wolves having 5 wins and 8 loses, which Winnig reflected positively on.

“I think it was a good season. I got to play with a bunch of Seniors that I looked up to and I learned a lot,” Winnig said.  

So although the season did not come out how everyone wanted it was enjoyable and a critical time for Jacob Winnig. He continues to look forward to the future. 

“[I have learned] a lot to play at [my] best next season,’ Winnig said. “[And I’m] excited to play next season.”