TROTHT: Trotting Down Denver’s Homelessness:


As the days go by, the homeless population is rising in Denver, the nation’s third most homeless populated city. 

“We focus on helping fellow teens like us who could use a hand because it’s important we take advantage of our privileges and use them for a good cause,” Co-President of Teens Reaching Out to Homeless Teens, Sharon Kim said. 

TROHT donates necessities like clothes and raise money for organizations like Urban Peak, The Place, and the Gathering place. These organizations shelter the homeless youth and give them a place to call home. 

“We dropped [off] over two tons of clothing, goods, and gift cards to Urban Peak in Denver,” TROHT advisor Ann Manchester said.  “It was very impactful to see how excited and happy they were some kids at a high school in Aurora cared about them.”

Most youth TROHT assists are experiencing homelessness as a result of instability within their homes.  

“I think that we are trying to help young people our age who are struggling and in unfortunate situations,” Manchester said. “Many of us can’t imagine what it really means to be homeless, so to provide just a little relief is a good, positive thing for our community.”

Volunteering is another way TROHT is helping to make a difference for these young people.

“I have helped out at a food drive at a church before and after seeing everyone’s faces happy just to get a meal, I realized how fortunate I really am,” Kim said. “I admire their perseverance to keep going even when things can be rough.”

The amount of homeless teens that are living out on the streets is very surprising to the members of TROHT.

“We are helping a vulnerable population, and the members themselves are learning what it means to be kind and help their fellow citizens [and] peers,” Manchester said. 

Members of TROHT are using their privilege to help a community in need of relief, which can be found through the association’s good deeds. 

“You should use it to your advantage for good causes rather than bad ones. Doing such good deeds can make you feel like you’re appreciated,” Kim said. 

Lending a hand to someone in need, can really make you feel appreciated. Giving someone something so basic that they don’t have can make a difference in their life. 

“We all need help every once in a while. When someone is deprived of a basic human need, like housing, it’s important to help,” Manchester said. “If I am in a position to provide some comfort and support, I don’t see how that is a bad thing.”

Everyone deserves basic necessities in their life. Whether it be by raising money, donating clothes or gift cards, or giving out food, a simple act of kindness can change someone’s life. 

“It makes me feel more human and alive,” Kim said.