Grandview’s New JV Ice Hockey Team


Jacob Swanson

For decades, Grandview’s athletics have taken place on a variety of surfaces. From wood gym floors, football fields made of turf or actual grass, to rubber tracks. Now, ice has joined the list with the creation of Grandview’s first ice hockey team. 

Yet, the road towards the team’s creation has been a challenging one. 

“The biggest challenge is starting a new program, and getting it up off the ground,” Grandview’s Athletic Director Wes Smock said.  “There isn’t just one challenge there’s a handful but overall just collectively starting a new program.” 

One of the players enthusiastic to hit the ice this coming December is Linkin Alisasis.

“[I play] goalie and have played for 9 years,” Alisasis said.  “During a rec game the coach personally asked me to play with them.”

Alisasis can be considered a veteran but the nerves for the first game don’t go away. 

“I am not worried about the first game but since it’s the very first game, [that] obviously adds some pressure although I don’t think I will be more nervous than I am for it like right now,” Alisasis said. 

But with a good coach, these nerves can be tamed by head hockey coach Jason Schmidt. 

“I have been coaching hockey for 14 years,” Schmidt said. “Every year the games seem to change just a little bit. Whether it is a new rule, or even how the equipment changes with advances in technology.”

 Schmidt is a coach with heart and care for his players which shows through in his excitement for this upcoming season.

“I feel the most exciting thing is to see how amazing this team can become,” Schmidt said.  “With the correct direction, this team can become a state contender every year.” 

The team and coach will still face hardships this season as it won’t be easy with Colorado becoming a more popular and competitive hockey state each year. 

“We are definitely becoming a hockey state. I know the team will do great.” Schmidt said. “Everyone is gaining more confidence every day and working together to help better the chemistry and success of the team.”

Schmidt has made sure they are ready by setting lines and positions, getting closer to players and trying to build winning chemistry. 

“I have changed some lines and positions recently. But, for the most part, I am just trying to get to know the players and their abilities,” Schmidt said. “Being a brand-new program, the kids are still building chemistry and becoming more comfortable with one another.”

Teammates and coaches care for hockey athletes to join their team, in fact it is encouraged, and there are always more athletes to join the Grandview wolves hockey.

“[The athletes] should represent their own school and not just a logo like a rec team,” Alisasis said. 

Schmidt continued to elaborate on why it’s so much better to play for your own school. 

“I feel the best thing about high school sports is the community that supports you. It’s not only the parents, but neighbors, friends, schoolmates, teachers,” Schmidt said. “When a team wins in high school not only does the school win, but the community wins too.” 

Athletic director Wes Smock is planning to expand the sport more through the upcoming years. 

“Our plan is to get the program to grow and be competitive the first 2 years we are going to compete at the JV level and then after that 2 years hopefully we’ve grown enough where we will have a varsity team and JV team,” Smock said.

Mr. Schmidt’s email