Curtains The Musical – An Overview

Photo Credit: Kate Mullin

Photo Credit: Kate Mullin

In a week, the curtains will rise on Grandview’s newest production. As the theater crew prepares for the grand premiere of Curtains, here are some things you should know before you go.  

The musical isn’t really about curtains. Despite the name, the play is actually a story within a story about an action filled situation that leads to chaos on set. 

“It’s about the company of Robin Hood of the Old Wild West.  Their leading lady gets murdered on the opening night and it’s a race to figure out who’s done it with the help of Detective Cioffi before anyone else sings their last note,” Curtains publicity manager Kora Heintz said.

With something for everyone, this murder-mystery will have you on the edge of your seats and laughing out loud at the same time. 

“Curtains has something for everyone. If you really like comedy, if you had a bad week come laugh at the show,” Heintz said. “If you like murder mysteries, we definitely got murder. If you like romance we sprinkled that everywhere. We even have mermaids.” 

Something even more impressive than the musical’s broad range of genres, are the technical aspects of the show. The costume changes in particular are what the crew is super proud of.

“There are a lot of quick changes, it takes a lot of work to make sure someone looks perfect going on to the stage, comes off the stage for barely 30 seconds and is back on stage in those 30 seconds looking completely perfect again in a totally different costume,” Heintz said.

The quick changes are even more impressive by the collaboration between crews that it takes to pull them off. 

“At some point we even have someone go off stage and do a quick change while still saying his lines, and that is so incredibly difficult. We have to have an audio person backstage to help him, and at least two costume crew members making sure everything is still running smoothly,” Heintz said. “So it takes a lot of work between the different crews.”

Now you’re probably wondering where to buy the tickets. The tickets are available for purchase in the ticket booth before a performance and on the performing arts website. They are only seven dollars for students and twelve dollars for adults. 

Hurry up because the tickets are selling fast!

“Looks like our Friday show is selling pretty well and I imagine our Saturday one will end up selling well,” Heintz said.

So ladies and gentlemen get ready for the show!