See You Next Year!

 From the Grandview Chronicle staff, we want to say thank you for all your support by reading our articles and following us on all of our social media accounts.

 Without you, we would have never done so well during our first year moving to an online publication. The Grandview student body made it very easy for us to make the shift from print to a website. By doing so, we were able to bring more video content, pictures, and timely stories to you.

 Next year, you will see what you loved and more. We will continue to capture the best moments at Grandview and the events you need to know about. If you miss a game, you will be able to check our website for an update. If you need tickets to the next play, we will have all the information for you. If you forget the date of an event, we will have it. If you have any suggestions on how you want it to look, let us know. It’s your life, online.

 We will be taking a short break over the summer to refresh and recharge for next year. Our main goal is to make the Chronicle easy to read and use. We plan on improving even more and our staff will take the time over the summer to make that happen.

 We hope you have an amazing summer and we are excited to give you guys all the news and content you want in the 2018-2019 school year. Go Wolves!

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  1. Lain Iwakura 18 May, 2018 at 15:02 Reply

    Neato. I’m glad this site exists, because even though I completely disagreed with almost everything expressing an opinion in it, thanks to it I’ve have an opportunity to respond to other people who are actually willing to think about things for the first time in years. I only wish you guys encouraged people to comment more; Having smart discussions through comments is like the best part of the Internet, and as it stands I’m the only one who consistently responds to things on here. But again, that aside, this has been a fun first year of reading this. Thank you all.

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