Is Homework Necessary?

By: Joseph Loya Ontiveros

While some of our homework is actually working for our learning, every once in a while, we will all get tired of having homework that is NOT necessary for us to practice with.

Jeremy Lewis and Olivia Stubbs, both juniors, think that certain homework they receive for their classes is not necessary.

Lewis believes certain homework he has received is nothing but a review.

“It would be supplementary work; stuff that you learned in class and now it’s like a review. It does not matter, if you get the concepts well enough,” said Lewis.

Stubbs agrees with what Lewis meant in terms of having supplementary work.

“Math homework and probably sports, like electives that give you homework is not necessary,” said Stubbs.

Most of the majority of students in Grandview know that most of their homework is not being graded, but students, of course, would rather not receive much homework at all.

Learning has evolved so much that students learn differently, so some don’t need homework and some do.

Some teachers have found a way to teach their class and be successful without handing out much homework at all!

“I try to limit my homework to having the kids read outside of class sometimes. For the most part, I think learning needs to get done in the class just because I can be there to support and help my students,” said Tarayn Svalberg, an english teacher.

Moreover, Lewis gives more information about how his teacher has been successful as well.

“[A teacher] gives us homework that actually matters. Something we not necessarily can cheat off, but stuff that will actually make us learn,” said Lewis.

Lewis also explained how it really depends on how well the teacher is at teaching.

“Sometimes the teachers will solely rely on class work instead of actually lecturing and having kids take notes,” said Lewis.

An example Lewis gives is science. All they really have to do is class work, rather than receiving any homework.

“Usually it’s science because science is usually just to study. Usually you don’t have anything outside of class,” said Lewis

Overall, “learning has evolved so much that students learn differently, so some don’t need homework and some do,” said Stubbs.  


  1. Lain Iwakura 22 October, 2018 at 14:24 Reply

    In a world where the typical student enjoyed school enough to be even remotely motivated by anything other than necessity, no homework would be mandated by the teacher, but would still be given to be done by those who didn’t have the concepts solidified in their mind. However, because the current school systems is an oppressive mess that strangles the curiosity and love of learning out of children (even though that’s supposed to be inherent to humanity; see the effectiveness of pseudo-anarchist Sudbury School system for proof of that), you can’t expect students to do anything that they’re not forced to under the penalty of their grades going down, because for most people school work is miserable and nobody will do it if they’re not made to. As long as school functions how it does, teachers should try and make their class all that’s necessary for learning, but also require kids to do enough homework to ensure that the concepts would be thoroughly ingrained in any reasonable person’s mind.

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