I’m Gonna KMS, It’s a Joke [OPINION]


Mathiew Yelenick, Writer

Photo Courtesy of: Binh-an Vo


The phrase, “Omg, I’m gonna literally kill my self” has blasted off since the start of quarantine with the help of apps like TikTok and Snapchat. 

Remember that sign in the commons about the yearbook? 

“This Yearbook’s bussin’-bussin’!” 

Yeah, that was interesting. 

But what was even more interesting was the fact that it became another joke about suicide, with people sayin, “This makes me want to kill myself.” 

Lately, suicide and self-harming have become such a regular thing in our lives that it is now even considered ‘a joke’.  

This generation has become so desensitized to these kinds of sayings that we don’t even think about it. Like saying, “guys im so stupid, im literally going to kms” and some people even liking it. These kinds of phrases are most likely a consequence of the past.

In early 2019, the MO-MOchallenge got carried around. It was a trend where people would tell kids to go and kill themselves, or do terrible things like kill other people. Following MO-MO, another challenge just recently died, called the Blackout Trend, where the challenge is to choke yourself, until you’ve passed out. 

In the year 2017, around 2,600 teens died from suicide. This is the second most leading cause of death in the world, only a couple hundred away from deaths such as car crashes and motor accidents. These numbers have only grown from there. 

These kinds of social media trends are desensitizing death, and morphing our ‘humor’ into what it is today. When something is introduced to us at a young age, we get so used to it that we don’t realize the problem with it until it’s too late. 

Suicide is a terrible thing, no matter what the media or your friends may tell you. At the end of the day, committing suicide isn’t terrible just because you’re killing yourself, it’s the heartbreak that it has on everyone you know. 

Think about the heartbroken moms that feel as if it’s their fault, the empty bedrooms that you’ll no longer be in, your friends that knew you and begged you not to, your school desk that used to be filled with life. Filled with you. 

Phrases like “haha, I’m gonna kms” put light on the serious topic of suicide, and it’s time to put a stop on this trend.